About Us

Mission & Vision Statement

Mission: The mission of Faith Home Restoration is to see women walk through the restoration process with God and share our experience, strength, and hope to encourage every woman each step of the way. Giving them a safe place to call home. 

Vision:  Faith Home restoration is committed to growing and accommodating more women in need; so that those in the home can be sent out as employable, participating members of society, walking in faith, and the fullness of God.

House Manager/Administrator

Amy Crawford, Full Time Volunteer


Faith Home was established in August, 2013.  I have over 20 years experience serving others in this capacity.

Serving women and helping them gain a better understanding of their responsibilities in society and giving them the ability live on their own successfully.

Faith Home is a non-profit corporation.    We have decided to utilize this business structure in order to be able to accept donations (clothes/food/furniture/money) and provide tax receipts to people interested in helping our mission.

Faith Home is managed by Amy Crawford, as a volunteer.  She is the administrator who oversees all daily activity & bills.   We also have several other volunteers to provide prayer, mentoring, transportation, computer and resume assistance, lawn maintenance, and the women’s personal needs.

Our objective is to give a goal plan to each women when they come & the ability to achieve it.

Our home is our first leased property, leased from Moxie Mangagement, Inc. We rely on the rental income from the residents we serve. We also receive monetary support from Hill Country Bible Church, as well as charitable donations from private parties.

The Home

Women are referred to our Home through churches, support groups, shelters, brochures/flyers and word of mouth.  The women are required to fill out an application and then undergo an interview process, in which the mission of the the home is explained. A month of sobriety is required prior to coming into the house and each resident is expected to remain drug free, as well as actively seek employment,   Random drug testing is a standard procedure.   The women are responsible for the upkeep of their living quarter, and are excepted to supply their own food and supplies¸as well as perform simple chores toward the upkeep of the common areas and the lawn & organic garden.  Our vision is to establish more housing opportunities and perhaps an apartment complex.


The home is currently located in a 4 bedroom 3 bath home with an organic garden & office. There are laundry facilities on the premises, as well as all necessary home appliances, and linens. There is on-site supervision, as well as volunteers who provide support.


Once the women become residents, we work with them to set goals for their transformation process. There is a weekly in-house Bible studies and mandatory church attendance, along with weekly outside support group meetings. We encourage them to become involved in additional activities which could include working in the garden, volunteering outside the Home, acquiring continued education, and other appropriate endeavors. We have employment resources, including, but not limited to: resume preparation, appropriate apparel and grooming services, and transportation. There is a daily time of prayer in the Home including seeking God’s will for each of their lives, and a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Once the women have established a support system within the community, and have acquired life skills to enable them to have a productive life, they can confidently move forward in relation to others and to Jesus Christ. They will then be prepared to serve God and become all that He has created them to be.